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Digital Peel-N'-Stick Toppers


Each design is digitally drawn by me and you can add your own quote to any design available. Once ordered, I will email you a preview of your finished design by the end of that same day. I will give you 24 hours to make any changes you'd like before your design is sent to print. I will have your topper in about a week or so, which I will then prep, pack up, and ship to you. Each one will come with instructions on how to easily apply it to your cap. Also, you do NOT have to be on my “list” for hand-painted caps or submit a deposit to order. ANYONE can order these toppers at ANYTIME. So if you didn’t get a spot for a hand-painted cap, this is the next best thing! I will be adding more designs little by little.  Just click “Shop Toppers” button which will direct you to my other business website to the “Grad Caps” collection, where you can choose your design, font, and add your quote to the notes section. Add to cart, and complete your order! You will receive your topper within 10-14 days of ordering.

Cap Instructions with logo.jpg
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